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Our method applicable in municipal and industrial wastewater achieving sludge elimination, plant optimization and cost reduction.

Our method is increasing the overall performance of the biological reactions in a sewer system, by implementing selected bacterial cultures in individually  designed  formulations,  which  dominate  and  enhance  the  indigenous organisms that   generally   are   less   efficient   and   can   generate unwanted   and undesirable side effects (i.e. odors, FOG and solids build – up, etc.) .) in the sewer system, the lift stations and the treatment plant.


We must point out that there is no demand of new constructions or equipment for the application. In some cases, if applied at the wastewater treatment plant, some minor modifications might be required.

Our microorganisms are natural occurring, non- toxic, non-pathogenic  and  not derived from animal sources and they are facultative (can live in both aerobic and anaerobic environments).

Our method creates the suitable and optimum conditions for the growth, the reproduction and the operation of the microbial product which contains:

1) Hydrolyzing Enzymes

2) Facultative cultures

3) Aerobic cultures

4) Micronutrients


It is a combination of our product and process and when applied in a sewer network provides many financial and environmental benefits such as:

  • Elimination of FOG (Fats Oils & Grease)

  • Elimination of odors

  • Minimization of cleaning the sewer system with mechanical means

  • Significant reduction in micro-pollutants

When dosing the Microorganisms in  strategic  locations  in  the  sewer system,  this  network  converted  into  a  big  bioreactor  that  also  treats  the  sewage. Thus, not only the influent parameters are significantly reduced, but the sewer grid is being cleaned as well.








In addition, our method with the addition of the suitable microbial product has the following results in the Waste water treatment plant:

  • Degradation of the excess sludge over 60%

  • Improvement of the effluent of the plant (BOD,COD,SS,TN,TP etc)

  • Liquefaction and elimination of FOG (fats, oils and grease) in the treatment plant

  • Elimination of odors

  • Reduction of energy consumption of the treatment plant

  • Significant reduction of micropollutants

  • Higher resistance of incoming organic shocks

Our method is the continuous adaptation of the microbial population to the conditions of each process according to the targets.

The added bacteria become dominant and the existing ones are adapted and assimilated to coexist and collaborate. The added microorganisms produce enzymes which enhance the biological process.

Our method requires less oxygen supply as the Ammonia is converted to Nitrites and then Nitrogen without first being converted to Nitrates where the largest consumption of Oxygen occurs depending the operational conditions.

















Below an image of the results of our method in 15 and 40 days of application.

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