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Our company KOMETBIO is operating in the field of environmental protection and especially in the study, design and operation of the bioaugmentation method with the use of microorganisms.

Our method applicable in hotels, private and public buildings, restaurants and bars.

Toilets, drains, traps and associated plumbing and treatment systems, buildings and institutions require regular maintenance to avoid blockages, odors and costly physical cleanout.

Our selected microorganisms when used on a regular basis, can keep the plumbing and treatment system clear, odor-free and free-flowing.


We must point out that there is no demand of new constructions or equipment for the application.


Our bioaugmentation method with selected microorganisms can achieve the following:

  • Reduction of odors

  • Reduction of fats oils and greases caused from the kitchen and restaurant of the hotel preventing blockages to sewage

  • Reduction of physical cleaning of fat and oil collector

  • Reduction of sewage maintenance by mechanical or physical means

  • Reduction of odors and reduction of sludge in the waste water treatment plant of the hotels

  • Reduction of cleaning of septic tank or pumping station if exist in building

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